Saturday, April 26, 2008


If you are lucky enough to have an HD television and also have HD channels, then look for the Gallery HD channel. You can geek out on artful programming all day, but I really suggest the show ARTLAND USA. It is now in reruns, but for two seasons it featured two hosts travelling across the country to view art and talk about it with townspeople, artists, curators and the like. They made stops in many big cities to view art you might expect to see, but they also featured roadside attractions, architecture and artists' workspaces to present a well-rounded view of art in our country. The hosts were likable and knowledgeable and gave the viewer great insights in their interviews. From Fallingwater to Carhenge to the Velveterium, every mile of their travels was fascinating and filmed quite dynamically. Do check this program out if you have the chance. Visit for airing times.

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