Friday, May 9, 2008

ETSY PLUG - Mother's Day Stationary Roundup

I never know what to get my mother-in-law. But this year, I think I did good. I bought stationary from several of the wonderful artists on Etsy. It's a gift I'd love to get, and I think most ladies would feel the same way. You can never have too many beautiful notecards.

1. ArtofAndrewDaniel - I've loved Andrew's work for some time and finally had an excuse to buy it! I purchased one of his "Impressionist Card Sampler", which are the square flower notecards above, and two individual cards of his, "Lemons" and "Magnolia Pod." Each came enclosed in a plastic wrapper, which was nice since I did keep one of those flower cards for myself!

2. KlifandJordan - When searching on Etsy for cards, this one caught my eye and for only $2.00, I had to get it. This beautiful material is stitched onto heavy cardstock. The artist, Jordan Rhodes, told me she would have more of these great cards for sale very soon.

3. aiek - These "Agapanthus Note Flats II" have been on my favorites list almost since I began shopping on Etsy. These are in smoke blue, although there are some pink ones as well in her store. They are flats - to mean not folded notecards but lovely heavy sheets to jot a note on, and they came packaged in a plastic box - very nice looking.

4. KalliART - I've been eyeing a different design in KalliART's shop, but "3 Green Fern Cards" was more classic and I thought my mother-in-law would love it. They came wrapped in a natural looking string with a cute matching tag.

5. annarubyking - If you are an Etsy addict you've likely seen annarubyking's "Fabric Squares Gift Cards." Each card is unique, featuring both collected and reused fabrics. The paper used is between 75 and 100 percent recycled, the majority of which is post consumer waste paper. The envelopes are 100% recycled. These cards are ecofriendly and pretty enough to frame.

6. pistachiopress - I had to buy "Eyelet Lace," one of Pistachiopress' newest designs, as soon as I saw it. It's understated and elegant and cheery. These cards are blind embossed, resulting in a lovely texture.


  1. Neat picks! Thanks for including my cards!

  2. What a great blog! Thanks for adding my collection of note flats to the roundup.