Friday, May 9, 2008

Vincent and Theo

So I'm a sucker for all things Vincent Van Gogh. I know it's a pretty obvious choice, but he really is my favorite painter. I think his life story is fascinating, and I think how he viewed the world is unique, especially for his time. He really saw beauty in the everyday, and was not afraid to make unpopular choices in subject and mood, all the while craving acceptance for his work. It's a struggle I think a lot of artists face. I try to uphold that mantra, of seeing beauty in the ordinary.

So, since I'm a sucker for all things Van Gogh, I watched the 1990 movie "Vincent and Theo" yesterday. It had some drastic highs and lows cinematically. I think the relationship between the brothers was a little dramatized (there was a lot of screaming) and too the relationship between Theo and his wife. But, Tim Roth's performance as Vincent really made this movie worth seeing. He was entirely believable, from the arguments he had with Gauguin to the frenzy with which he painted to the silence he could have around people who made him uncomfortable. Not only was all that believable, but he REALLY looked like him. All in all, I'd say this was a mediocre movie, but if you have real interest in Van Gogh it is worth your time. Just try to get past the cacophony of an opening score.

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