Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boot Hill

My husband told my folks, here on vacation, that we should visit "Boot Hill" in the next town north. Somehow, I had never noticed it from the road, but sure enough, there is a little cemetery just outside of Hartville (the oldest incorporated town in Wyoming still in existence, you should know), up on the hill. So with Western movies and Johnny Cash in mind, I was expecting it to be a cemetery for the criminals of the past. Mostly, though, it was just children's graves from the early part of the century. So who puts the boots on the fenceposts? I have no idea. Nor do I know why. But it sure looks neat. I will be heading back there in the winter to photograph it properly. These are just snapshots, really, as I didn't factor in the location of the sun or anything else. And I sure wasn't going to poke around too much...I'm terrified of snakes, and it sure looked like a place you might find a few.

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  1. wow...that's really interesting...never been out to those parts of the country...looks lovely