Saturday, June 28, 2008

ETSY PLUG - Amanda Kindregan

I was looking recently for a piece of art for my best friend's baby room. There are so many artists with so many great works on Etsy, so of course I looked there first. I wanted a piece that didn't' necessarily say 'baby' and that could grow with Henry or could be displayed somewhere else in the house if he ever wanted to change his room up. Henry's room is a jungle theme, in green and brown. When I saw Amanda Kindregan's "See Ya Later" print, I knew it was the one. Below is the frame job. I think it will fit in Henry's room perfectly.

I love Kindregan's style. There is a sweetness, a whimsy about her work, and each piece is its own little vignette, with a story and a soul. Here are a few more of her works that I just adore.

In addition to her paintings, Kindregan also has lovely block prints in her shop. These two are printed in metallic gold waterbased ink, though she also has block prints in other colors.

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