Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More of Platte County, Wyo

Here's a couple more pix from when I was driving my Mom and Dad around the area. The light is all wrong, but I couldn't get over this horse's personality. It just kept posing for me.


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous horse! Awesome shots as well!

  2. I'm still learning about photography, so I wonder at something you said.
    Why is the light all wrong in these photos?
    Thank you, Mi Maestra!

    --Loralee :)

  3. Hello Loralee!

    The lighting is terrible, I guess, but in the first shot most of the horse is in shadow, esp. her face. That's not always a bad thing, but if I could change things, I would have the sun be coming from the other side. The post would be in the way if I had positioned myself from the other side, and I wouldhave missed out on the little bird. But you can't alter the weather and command the birds :)

    The second two area better, but still I would like to have more light in the eye area so we can see more of the horse's expression.

  4. The lighting ISN'T terrible, I mean to say.