Friday, July 18, 2008

Collage No. 2

Here's my second collage in the "Circles" series. It's made completely of paper scraps and some cut-up transparency sheets I found floating in my yard. It's all stuff I was going to throw away, but that I just couldn't part with. Good thing, too. The background is some handmade paper I bought on Etsy, so even it is reused.
This is essentially taped together, and I need to investigate further how to adhere it in a more professional manner. I'm thinking of using some sort of Modge Podge stuff to make it all lay down flat and appear to be more of a singular image, instead of bits of paper. Anyone out there who'd like to offer any advice, I'd sure be glad to hear it.


  1. try an acrylic gel medium or matt medium. It gives a nice texture if you apply with a pallet knife, and serves as a nice adhesive at the same time. lovely arrangement by the way