Saturday, July 12, 2008

ETSY PLUG - Nature Mandalas

When I chose to feature Nature Mandalas this week, I had no idea it would be such an effort to decide what images to share. She really has a wonderful eye for photography, and for both color and black and white, and has so much great work at her Etsy store. It was so hard to choose, so I erred on the side of many images, rather than fewer. I hope she doesn't mind.

Let's begin with "Mitten the Goat." I bought this as a present for my sister-in-law last Christmas. She is somewhat obsessed with goats (as I am with squirrels, so I understand) and I knew she'd love this beautiful goat portrait.

I don't personally do black and white photography. It just doesn't work for me. That's why I am especially appreciative when I see the awesome black and white work of others. I think Nature Mandalas has a special gift for this. The above are two of my favorites.

I think I like her work so much because there is always a feeling of quiet and stillness. A sense of peace, I suppose. Her color photography does the same for me. I'm quite in love with her HDR shots of Acadia National Park. She has convinced me I need to go there. And that I need to figure out HDR!

Of course, a post on Nature Mandalas wouldn't be complete without showing you some of her mandalas. I've seen a lot of folks try this technique and it usually looks sophomoric and cheap. Not so with Nature Mandalas' mandalas. They are earthy and fragile and quite lovely. They are also now available as pendants.

There are so many other beautiful images in Nature Mandala's shop, and also on her blog. Go visit her right now!

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