Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good Fortune X 2

I was mowing the lawn this morning and decided to take a break before I began weeding. I sat down in front of the computer with a glass of ice water and was just checking out Etsy when I saw one of my photos, Water and Ice, on the front page! Fisheye was kind enough to include me in her stunning "Ice Water" treasury. Mine is in the middle on the top row.

I never browse Treasury West, mostly for the reason that I can't ever find a link for it (though it is bookmarked now). But, after looking at fisheye's lovely creation, I did stop by for a look see and saw another one of my photos, Custom House Handrail, in spongetta's "Vacation" treasury. It's the far right in the second row. And when I read the comments, I realized this had just been on the front page, too. That's twice in one day! How lucky can a girl get? Thanks so much to fisheye and spongetta!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for your comment, it's always nice to know that people like your work! Your two treasuries here are lovely, isn't it nice when you end up on the front page?