Thursday, August 28, 2008

California Camping Adventure, Part II

We arrived in California on Saturday and met my grandpa in Bridgeport. There we compared gear and packed up what we would take in with us. The next day we headed over to Kennedy Meadows, the area we were going to be staying in.

Kennedy Meadows is a beautiful area at about 5,000 ft. There are many many campgrounds along the road there, and even a little restaurant and general store. We stopped to grab a bite and a beverage before starting our adventure.

The pack station is also in Kennedy Meadows. They loaded up all our gear onto 4 mules (my grandpa doesn't pack light) and set us up with some horses and a guide. I had never been on a horse before and I really enjoyed the 3-hour ride up the mountain. My horse's name was Janice and she was kinda on her own program - she broke into a run at one point for no reason - but was sure-footed and sweet.

We arrived at about 7,500 feet in a pristine wilderness area to set up camp. This shot is looking toward our site and there is a slope down with a creek running right behind camp. Looking the other direction you see the most gorgeous meadows I've ever seen, and a cabin from the original land owner.

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  1. I'm green with envy! Looks like such an adventure...and what a beautiful landscape...the juxtaposition of that tree towards the cabin is a really lovely.