Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Cheese Plates

I promised you more glass cheese plates and here they are!

My mom creates these by melting (or slumping) wine bottles in a kiln at high temperatures. They retain their shape and make very cool serving pieces. We've never offered the blue ones before and I think they are particularly stunning. They are available now in our Etsy store for $15.

This is a dark green glass one that my mom added some decorative beading to. The garnet color of the beading really plays nicely with the color of the glass. It is also available in our Etsy store, for $20.


  1. that's a neat use for all those wine bottles one accumulates! you're right, that blue one is stunning, i have one (not a melted version!) on a window sill and i can't seem to throw it away because the colour is just so lovely.

    i envy you, i love the idea of a mum and daughter team working together!

    keep up the beautiful work!

  2. I saw this in your store earlier, and marked as a fav...my boyfriend's dad is a real wine freak and would LOVE this for Christmas...maybe we can work out a trade for that old sweet tea...I have my eye on a few of your other images too...

  3. Hi Victoria
    I finally figured out how to add a blog roll o f my favourite blogs today - and wanted to tlet you know I added yours to my list!
    Jo x