Saturday, August 30, 2008

ETSY PLUG - Yellena

One of the most talented artists I've ever seen - on Etsy or elsewhere - is Yellena James. Her imaginative work is done with pens, inks and markers. I was taken with her work the first time I saw it, and bought myself the above print, "Breeze." It is as stunning in person as it is on the screen - so detailed and alive you can almost see it moving.

I'm about to digress. A few years back I saw a Henry Darger exhibit at the Andy Warhol Museum. Overall, I'd have to say his work is pretty creepy and too inappropriate to post here, BUT, I was mesmerized by the flowers he drew. They were huge and cartoony and beautiful, almost beyond imagination. This print by Yellena, "Lush," reminded me of those flowers immediately and I've been lusting after it since.

What I love about Yellena's work is that her scenes look otherworldly, but somehow still familiar. Like dreams. The above, "Cloudburst," is a good example.

"You and Me" is one of Yellena's latest prints. I love the sort of tea-stained looking clouds in the background. I'm sure it looks fabulous in person, as do all of Yellena's quality prints. You can find them all in her Etsy store, and if you are interested in learning more about this amazing artist, visit her blog.


  1. great etsy plug...she has such a great rhythm to her work...

  2. wow...i've never seen yellena's pieces before...totally love them!

  3. Can I use you as my personal art finder from now on? I was just looking at the picture thinking "wow, I'm going to buy that for the house" and then I see the note that says you just bought it for yourself and now I can't be a copycat! Thanks a LOT!

  4. You can totally be a copycat! "Breeze" speaks to me so strongly and I can understand if it does to you, as well. But Yellena has dozens of amazing prints in her shop. I imagine it could be hard to choose!