Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Goodbye, Ramcharger

A few weeks ago, we realized the Ramcharger had cracked a head and we didn't think replacing the engine (again) was a sound financial investment. So we decided to donate it to the National Kidney Foundation. We took part of a day to clean it out (it had been a reserve for empty bottles and cans, years of newspaper, dirty socks and sweatshirts, and pennies and Uno cards).

It was sad to realize our old friend was going to part ways with us. But with a new XTerra and the reliable Honda, there was just no need for the Ramcharger to stick around. Still, it was upsetting. Today, I watched as the guy came to tow it away, and was glad I had at least taken some photos to remind myself of the good times we had.

May you find peace, wherever you go, Ramcharger.


  1. Keep taking the photos... I like them. Making the everyday beautiful... You might like the linked photo/game thing... nice puppies. Click the zs?

  2. how sad indeed...turns out my Durango and I must part ways too...just found out today, so quite the coincidence to see this on your blog. At least you'll have some comfort in the lovely photos....