Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mom's (not so) Little Helper

I was shooting those new cheese plates earlier this week. Little Bear became interested when she saw me take the cheese out of the refrigerator, and was pesty the rest of the afternoon. Every time I'd leave to get a prop or some such, I'd return to find her trying her best to reach the cheese without climbing up on the table (we've been working on that). When I brought out the tomatoes, it was too much for her to bear (no pun intended) and she reached over to smell even while I was watching. Naughty, but adorable.

She got her head stuck between the chair and the table at one point. Have I mentioned she's quite a goofy dog?

I couldn't resist some doggie portraiture while the camera was out. She was sitting so pretty, staring at the cheese and tomatoes. I find when I bend down with the camera, she moves, thinking I am playing. So I've gotten in the habit of putting it on autofocus and just lowering the camera, taking a guess, and shooting. I took this one in that manner, and no, it isn't in focus in the right parts, but I still like.


  1. is that an Irish Terrior? very cute.

  2. Close, an airedale. An oorong at that...she's already 70 lbs at 7 months and I think she'll push 100 before we're all said and done.

  3. she's too precious! but 70lbs?!?!? i'd be in real trouble if Vayda grew that!

  4. Yeah, I know! She's big and goofy and accidentally destructive. And thinks she's a lap dog. But Bri wanted a big dog (I have my little Fox Terrier). At least I convinced him to get an Airedale. I do LOVE my terriers!