Monday, September 8, 2008

California Camping Adventure, Part VIIII

So I spent a lot of quality time with my camera during this week-long camping trip, and I tried a lot of new things out. Some worked well, others didn't, but risk-taking is definitely a part of growing as an artist. I was mesmerized by the flow of water over river rocks lit by the sun. I in no way mastered the technique in a week, nor do I think I even got a particularly good shot, but it felt good to stretch those photographic muscles, as it were.

My grandpa has recently started taking photographs and it's something we enjoy doing together. He didn't bring his camera on this trip (because adding one tiny little digital camera to the heap of gear on four mules might have been too much, in his opinion). But he walked around the woods with me and had fun seeing shots. He insisted I take this one, with the little pine tree in the foreground. I thought the light was all wrong and that you wouldn't really be able to distinguish it from the background, but I took it anyway to humor him. Well, turns out I was wrong, and I really like this image. It's healthy to be proved wrong once in a while. And, it turns out, it is healthy to do something just to do it, once in a while, instead of doing it for the end result. Sometimes you are surprised what you get out of it.

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