Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Container Garden - Tomatoes and Herbs

We also did our vegetable and herb gardening in pots this year. And by vegetables I mean 40 tomato plants and one squash and one zucchini. Both Brian and I have an unnatural love for tomatoes, and they are rarely up to our standards here in Wyoming, as they are all shipped from out of state and you know they never are quite ripe. And we both come from South Carolina which I feel sure grows the best tomatoes in the world on the sea islands.

This year we decided we could not do without, but were not willing to make a garden patch since the soil and the sun and the dogs were less than conducive to that sort of undertaking. I had seen these upside-down tomato planters on T.V. (you know you are getting old when you find those "only on t.v." commercials interesting). We decided to make our own.

We cut holes in the bottom of the pots with a hole saw, and then placed in a piece of heavy cardboard with an X cut into it. We fed the roots of the tomato plant through the hole and the X, and then filled the pot with soil. I had already attached wire hangers to the top of the pot, and we hung them from hooks off the eaves of the house and the front railing of the porch. It all worked really well for the first couple of months, but now the roots are too crowded and they are starting to wither. But the process really worked well for the short growing season here in Wyoming.

In the tops of the pots we planted herbs, which I have used almost every night in cooking. We constructed a watering system of tubing that ran along the underside of the eaves and dripped into each container twice a day. This worked flawlessly, thanks to my husband's engineering.

I can't tell you how many tomatoes we have eaten this summer. I thought I'd have lots for canning, but we eat tomatoes in some sort of dish almost every day. My favorite is tomato pie. I know my food shots aren't the most appetizing, but it is so pretty when it comes out of the oven I had to share.


  1. nothing like a fresh tomato! I just wish I could cook like that...lol...alas, I'll have to settle for painting food.

  2. Well nobody makes food look better than you do!