Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ends and Beginnings

Today was my last day working as the secretary of our little Guernsey church.

I am moving to the next town south (30 miles away) and thought with the price of gas and such, it was time to hand over the reigns.

I am excited to say that when we are done moving, which I plan on dragging out over the course of October, I'll be working full-time as an artist. That sounds funny to say...they need a sort of intermediary name for someone who is TRYING to be an artist but isn't quite there yet.

I will miss Pastor Jane and all our wonderful conversations, as well as a chance to serve the church. There are lots of ways to serve, but it is sometimes hard to figure out what fits you. So mostly I am sad to give up the opportunity that I know I was called to. But, other ways will manifest themselves, when the time is right. Life is funny like that.


  1. Best wishes on your move, for your life as a full time artist, and new and meaningful opportunities!

  2. congrats! it's a wonderful thing to wake up every day and create...every day, I thank the Man Upstairs, for allowing me to go another day without a "real" job. Oh and to think you have a new house to pull together times!