Saturday, September 20, 2008

ETSY PLUG - The Silly BooDilly

While roaming around the blogosphere a few weeks ago, I found mention of The Silly BooDilly's new functional quilts, and immediately knew I had found a good present for my mother-in-law's birthday. They were so striking, with beautiful color palettes and modern designs, but with of course all the nostalgic feeling of a beautiful quilt.

I was impressed with the detail and quality when I got it in the mail, and I'm happy to report that my mother-in-law loved it. Thanks Silly BooDilly, for a winning find!


There are a couple more in her store, and since she has gotten great response from the ones she has made, I feel sure Victoria will continue to create these unique lovelies. They can be used as table runners, or hung on the wall or draped over a beautiful chair in your reading nook.

Victoria's mini-quilts caught my eye back when I discovered Etsy, and I used the above middle one in one of my first treasuries. I love the organic shapes in the other two, as well, and these would look wonderful in any home whose decor bridges the old and the new.

The Silly BooDilly also has a supply shop, with wonderful vintage goodies and nostalgia, like the thread spools above and the book illustration and playing cards below.

If you like Victoria's style, check out her popular blog, where she shares news of her art, photos from her life, and fun art and decor finds.


  1. Thank you so much, Victoria!
    What a lovely write-up, I truly appreciate it!
    Best wishes, from The Silly BooDilly!

  2. I agree with everything about Victoria G. She is a good artist.