Saturday, September 6, 2008

ETSY PLUG - well not exactly

So for the first time ever, the Etsy shop I wanted to profile didn't get back in touch with me. I should probably have a backup for situations like this, but this week, I am completely unprepared. So, instead I have a very lovely treasury by leafprintstudio, who has some wonderful photographs and paintings.

I was particularly honored to be in this treasury because i really liked a lot of the items in it. My "Bell Peppers" print is on the second row, far right. And it is next door to an item I have on my favorites list, "Botanic experiment number 10" by coridantini. I LOVE her paintings, and I really want this one, so everyone go peruse her shop but don't buy this one! To the left of it is Firehorsetextiles' "Flowers in vase" felt applique picture. I love how graphic it is. I also dig paulova's "Ellipses over green." in the third row in the middle. But all the items in this treasury are wonderful so go check it out.