Monday, September 15, 2008

Container Garden

Fall in Wyoming is very abrupt. I grew up thinking September was just another summer month, but here, it signals change. This year, the first day of September brought the first cold day - in the 60s - when it had been 100 degrees the day before. So, with the temperatures osculating between high and low, my plants aren't looking their best. Fortunately, I took some photos of them earlier.
Since we are in a rental (but not for long!!!) we did all container gardening this year. The biggest surprise was the coleus. It got huge. I love what a punch of color it provides.

These are from a 'wildflower' seed mix we tried. I don't know what they are exactly, but they were so pretty.


  1. I very much like you container garden photographs. Good luck on moving out of the rental.

  2. lovely garden shots...we're still sweatin' down here in the south, but I love fall color pallet...etsy has been really plugging that lately