Friday, September 12, 2008

Two Treasuries

I happened upon a Treasury spot this morning and thought it was the perfect opportunity to lament the fast-approaching chill of fall. These bright items are doing their best to fight it off.
1. Mumbo-Jumbo Breakfast by susanestellekwas
2. Bright Colors Daisy Cards by peaseblossomstudio
3. Daizies - 8 x 12 print by LeaSeguin
4. Handy Pouch by merryberry
5. relax print by coridantini
6. Sunrise Sunset Pillow / Cushion Cover by UmberDove
7. Red swirls pillow cover by stitchindye
8. Hot Pink Leaf Block B12 by Outlined
9. 3 Letterpress Cards - Flowers and Swirls on Blue by BemiDesigns
10. Oh Print by stubborndog
11. Picturesque - Original Signed Fine Art Photography 8x10 by AriaImages
12. Pink Bubbles Cut Paper Art Giclee Print by colorflystudio

I also had the distinction of being part of offset's Mad Men treasury. I've never seen the show but I love the feeling I get from this collection so much so that I may have to rent it when it comes out. I found a lot of great artists through this, so I might as well share them with you.
1. i dream of tall buildings giclee print by libbymclinnphoto
2. Intoxicated No. 4 - 8x12 photograph by milemarker (THAT'S ME!)
3. Sunset Flight by archdelineator
4. Black and White Cocktail Dress by ErinMadMan
5. nyc neighboorhood screenprint - 8 x 8 by narchi
6. Suburbs- original fine art photography/digital collage by IsaFerreira
7. Original encaustic - Untitled no. 21 by mimidoodles
8. White 8x10 Print by ValeriaH
9. Baby Blue Typewriter 5x5 Fine Art Photo by FriendlyMade
10. Drink Code - Abstract giclee print - 13 x 24 by billoneil
11. Flock of Pigeons by sugarsusan
12. Paper Cut / 8 x 10 - 27 x 39 by SoZeSoZe


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! I didn't know I was in that treasury. What a nice surprise. :-)

  2. thanks so much for featuring me!! It's always great to hear that someone likes me work:)

    Bemi Designs