Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Wedding

I can't express how stressful I find it is to photograph weddings. There are so many people watching every little thing you do, and you have to herd them all together and make sure they don't blink. The thought of being responsible for the tangible memories of someone's big day is just more than I care to deal with. So nobody was more surprised than me when I agreed to do the photos for a friend's wedding this past weekend.

I'm so glad I agreed to shoot their wedding. It was at this tiny log-built chapel that is in this little, isolated town on Laramie Peak. There are just a dozen or so structures in the town, and most are authentic log cabins from the early part of the last century or older. This chapel didn't even get electricity until 10 years ago, I'm told. It was absolutely charming and perfect for the small gathering.

Here's the outside, and the new happy family.

The groom and his new step-daughter. Aren't they adorable?

And my favorite picture of the day, the bride. She was so relaxed that it was really a pleasure to do this wedding. The scenery behind her is what you could see from the picture window in the church. It was so unique and so lovely, and the hour and a half drive (mostly on dirt roads) was just gorgeous since the trees are changing colors right now.


  1. that photo of the bride is just magical! And what a charming place for a of these days I'll find time to do some wedding planning! lol

  2. What a wonderful place to be married! The bride is gorgeous and serene, just lovely. Beautiful photos, and I wish them all much happiness!

  3. The first photo of the chapel gave me chills, it's beautiful. And the picture of the bride is amazing.