Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dream Kitchen

I'm the kinda girl who thinks the kitchen is the most important room in the house. And I LOVE my new kitchen. It is adjacent to my mango living room, so I'm not all alone when I'm slaving away.

I went with turquoise walls to really make my red kitchen things pop. It was a dark blue before, and it really overwhelmed the space, so I painted the soffits a light green. I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I'm not much on display plates, but my mother-in-law sent me these, of Charleston and Pittsburgh (two of the places I have lived) and I really dig them now that I have a place to put them. They match my color scheme, too.
I have some orange things too, and they really look good against the blue as well.

I threw away a million crappy magnets so I wouldn't be tempted to tack up too much stuff on my fridge. Here's my sweet collection. The top row are John W. Golden magnets that we bought in Wilmington, NC when we lived nearby a few years ago. We loved John's studio and it was so nice to find his work again when I discovered Etsy. The middle row were ones I grew up with that my mom sent along with me to college. Mom just sent me the Andy Warhol on the third row. It says, "You are so little" and "You are so big." It describes my dogs perfectly. Bri loves Guinness and his sister sent us that magnet. The two on the bottom right were freebies in an order from kalliart. I thought they were super cool.
I love that I have a window behind my sink. I don't know why...I just always wanted that. I like to see Happy and Little Bear playing.
This is the entry to the back door, which is connected to the kitchen and you can see through the pass-through. I'm so glad to have tile in here and wood in the kitchen. The kitchen in my rental was carpet (a really low knap, but still, carpet?!) It's a nice space to feed the ladies and to corral them before they can track mud all over the house.


  1. that's my kind of kitchen! I LOVE that you aren't afraid to splash some color around...

  2. Love your sense of color! The turquoise is gorgeous, and we just painted our foyer in a similar shade of green!

  3. I love your kitchen. I wish mine was so organized!

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  4. Yes, a wonderfully colored room. I also liked the mountain photos. Well, enjoy your house, I know I am vicariously.

  5. Aaaah - the cleansing of the magnet collection ;-) We have a stainless steel fridge which for some reason is not magnetic .... so our magnet collection is no more! Your kitchen looks so bright and happy - perfect place for baking ....

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