Monday, October 6, 2008

Joyous Tropical Colors

I have one room in my new house painted - the living room. It was a lovely mossy green but that is just not my personal color palette. I'm not sure why, but I LOVE bright, tropical colors on my walls. I figured this out in my last house, in Pittsburgh. I think I tried it there because it was fall/winter and there was snow outside *gasp!* I was longing for my warm, sunny, South Carolina home and I think the tropical colors made me feel a little bit better. Or maybe it was the Jimmy Buffett I listened to incessantly while painting... Anyway, I never did get that house decorated, but when I looked at my mango, lemon and lime walls, it made me smile. And when you find what works for you, keep doing it! So my new living room is mango.

It is bright, I can't deny, but the paint can says "Fluorescent!" Don't believe's not THAT bright. I was smart enough to paint an index card with the color I had made in Pittsburgh, which the paint store was so kind to tweak until I was happy with it. The lovely folks at my neighborhood ACE store scanned it and perfectly recreated my custom mango color.

Did I mention my new house is 101 years old? There are so many beautiful details like the door knobs and key holes. I think most of the woodwork in the house is original, too. The last folks stripped it and restained it. I can't believe we were so lucky to find a home where all of that laborious work was done already. We did a lot of that in our Pittsburgh home, which was not nearly as historic or pretty and it was absolutely exhausting. I'm a bright white trim sort of girl, but this woodwork is so gorgeous there's no way I'd ever paint over it.


  1. gotta love a home with some history to you know anything about the original owners? I bet it has quite the story to tell

  2. Oh, I love the warm wood trim and doors with the great transom windows! And what great door knobs!
    The mango wall color looks just perfect with the wood work! This is the type of home one could really put their roots down and live happily ever after!

  3. I enjoyed seeing these warm colors against the excellent wood grains. I am guessing the walls are plaster and lathe which will hold colors seemingly forever. I am happy for you in your new home.

  4. Very pretty! I love the color of the walls against the wood.

  5. what a lovely house! i too love old houses ours is 118 years old and there is nothing like those beautiful old details, I love all your photos!