Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mountian Property

What, may you ask, were we doing looking at a piece of property in the Laramie Peak area, since we just bought a house in Wheatland a few weeks ago?

It turns out my husband and one of his best friends have been looking for a piece of property for hunting purposes. And though this one was pretty pricey, we loaded up in the car to go take a peek.
It was an hour and a half drive from town, mostly on dirt roads. And yes, it had just snowed for the first time this season. (Where did fall go? I don't know. They're not big on fall here, in Wyo. They skip on over to winter pretty quickly.)

It was a gorgeous piece of property, to be sure, with huge rocks and little aspen stands. But it was not quite located where they hoped it would be, and there was no good place to situate a cabin. So, thank goodness, that's off the agenda. But it was a fun ride out to the wilderness.


  1. Oh no, when I first saw the photos I thought there was going to be a "guess what?! we bought it!" at the end! Does look really beautiful though - can't wait to see you!!!!

  2. at least you got some stellar photos...so pretty out there...but you poor southern gal, you must really miss "fall"

  3. Amazingly beautiful, but oh so rugged looking!

  4. I was never particularly fond of fall except that it kept winter away for a bit longer...