Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ohio Trip, Part II

Brian wanted me to see Yellow Springs, Ohio, just a few minutes from Dayton. It is a very hip little town chock full of art galleries and restaurants and I had a great time exploring it while he was at work.

We stayed at the cutest refurbished motel, The Springs. It is owned and operated independently and was lovingly restored to its mid-century feel. It was such a special place to stay, and at such a good value! We also had a great time playing with the Sleep Number bed.


  1. you always seem to find the best "off the beaten path" places to visit / photograph...

  2. I love the picture downtown with the street sign. I thought it was funny cos yesterday whilst I was out and about doing errands and taking pictures, I also took a very lame, not as artistic picture of a street sign. It was "Austin" street--which I don't know if I knew it existed, even though I've lived in this town for 8 months. I guess when you're driving along at 35 mph, you don't always notice the street names.