Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Up And Running

Hooray! I'm back from my computer-imposed Internet exile. I knew I had become pretty dependent (read: addicted) to the Internet but I had no idea living without a computer would really affect me so much.

I stressed out nonstop about not being able to check my Etsy shop, and was for once grateful that I had no orders to fill as they would have been sitting in cyberspace for who-knows-how-long, just waiting.

I really missed looking at the photos I have taken. I do remember my film days, when I could think of nothing else for days while my photos were off to be developed. I've been doing digital photography for the last year and the instant gratification that goes along with being able to see them as soon as I can connect up to my computer is, well, awesome. I've got so much to go through and I'll be sharing soon.

I've missed being able to look up any random thing that comes to mind. Are The Killers touring near here? How far away is the only winery in Wyoming? What are the movie times in Cheyenne? And is it going to snow this week? I guess I could have turned on The Weather Channel for the last one, but I may have had to sit through forecasts in 50 other cities before I saw a map of the Rockies.

And also, dear friends, I've missed blogging! Thanks for all the condolences about the computer. We replaced the power supply so it is working just fine and I didn't lose anything. I'd like to share that I keep my most important info on an external drive (for me, that's my photos and my music) and unplug it when I'm done using it, so this whole time without a computer I at least knew those things were safe.

To update you, all my belongings are at the new house, so I can say we are done moving! We fixed up the old rental to the satisfaction of the landlord, I assume. I just finished painting the master bedroom and I finally get to unpack my clothes! I've been living out of two garbage bags full of clothes and occasionally rifling through a box or two. That's another good thing about living in Wyo...all you need are jeans and sweatshirts!


  1. YAY! so glad you're back! I've missed that daily dose of inspiration from your photos...I bet with all that time sans computer, you've got enough blog posts lined up to get through Christmas :)

  2. Welcome back! It is amazing, (and a bit scary) how dependent on our computers we all have become. Good to hear nothing was lost, and you are getting settled in!

  3. Goodness, yes, it is a real pain when computers die!
    And okay, you might be leafless right now in Wyoming - but Wyoming is such a beautiful place with space, space, space... something we don't have enough of here.
    Happy unpacking :)