Saturday, December 13, 2008

Arrival in the Tetons

We arrived in Jackson at night, which means we didn't see much of the beautiful drive through Grand Teton National Park, though we did nearly hit an elk when we exited the forest and were zipping along through Jackson Hole, the basin between the Grand Tetons and the Gros Venture mountain ranges. The basin is very flat, and that's where you are most likely to see bison and elk, and it is clear from all the road signs that they will cross the highway. Still, even though we weren't exceeding the speed limit, we came to a screeching halt. I was in the back seat and I looked up to see an elk's butt in the windshield, heading back off the road. That's just another day in Wyoming. Anyway, I took this shot of the Grand Tetons the next morning. They are so impressive because there are no foothills. They seem to rise straight up, with the highest peak in the range being 13,770 feet.


  1. unbelievable! What a grand landscape

  2. Stunning landscape!

    And as for the elk... having a deer dart out makes me nervous... I think I'd faint to see an elk run out in front of my car!