Saturday, January 17, 2009

ETSY PLUG - Smacshop

Today I wanted to share one of my super cool Christmas presents from my super cool husband, this print from smacshop.

This photograph moved me the first time I saw it. I normally go for happy, colorful art that makes me smile. But this piece struck a deeper nerve - it tapped into loneliness, emptiness, and the ethereal nature of things - but not in any sort of depressing way. Instead it feels honest. It makes me acknowledge those feelings, I suppose, without drowning in them. Sort of like a good, but sad, song.

Smacshop has several other photographs that speak the same words to me. I think this one, "Reject," is particularly strong.

I love that Susan, the artist, shares stories about her works that melt their sinister edges, just a bit. "Nice Dirty Bathroom" was actually taken at her family's beach house. It is really the variety of cameras and the expired film that Susan uses to create, or unearth, these darker stories from benign locations and objects.

Though Susan is incredibly talented at telling dark little tales, she has other skills, too. Her illustrations are bright and thoughtful. They sometimes involve scanning the hand-drawn/painted artwork into the computer and then combining it with a blend of digital painting and her photography, in order to texturize and create new dimension for the piece. You can also find these in her Etsy shop.


  1. Great print and wonderful work! I like both aspects of her creativity, the dark and the colorful. It's wonderful that she expresses herself in various ways.

  2. I love Smacshop's work. But I'v always been drawn to dark and edgy. Very simple images yet so powerful.