Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year Resolutions

I know I'm a little late, but I've been pondering just what New Year's Resolutions I should make. They mostly concern my art/work.

1. Keep a schedule - My days are so different now that we've moved. I'm going to try to get up when my husband does (oh so early) so we can eat breakfast together. He no longer comes home for lunch, so now my days will be structured around my art in the morning and the house in the afternoon, until I get all my rooms painted and all my boxes unpacked.

2. Put together my studio and stay organized - I finally have a room all to myself, but until I pick up furniture from my folks that I plan to use in it, it is mostly piles of supplies on the floor and the closet. That must be resolved so I can move ahead.

3. Follow through - It seems I have no end to inspiration, but I find if I don't get things out on paper (or whatever media I am using) right away, they fade. Or go on the list of things-to-do. And the list is looong. So I resolve to work on my inspiration when it hits.

Oh, there are plenty of other things I should do or that I should give up - drink less caffeine, generally be more patient, spend more wisely, exercise more often- but that's all part of the continually self-improvement plan. My art goals are a priority this year.

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  1. Great resolutions, and I am with you... I am really trying to focus my goals and priorities this year on the art as well.