Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blue Shotshell

Don't think I've completely lost it. These images aren't political commentary or a cry for help.

My husband brought home these blue bullets - made for shooting snakes in particular - and I sincerely thought they were beautiful. I've always loved the color combination of blue and silver. I was also fascinated that you could see the shot through the blue tips.

They are made for a revolver, which is another object I know isn't traditionally considered beautiful, but I find a certain bit of poetry in the gunmetal and the revolving cylinder. If looking at a firearm conjures a negative feeling for you, I ask you to view these photos objectively. Don't think about their use, or their purpose. Think instead about the shapes and colors, and the way the light bounces off them. SEE them differently, even if just for a moment.

I think these may be my next collection.


  1. they are quite beautiful!!! i love those colours too.

  2. Well, guns and bullets do make me nervous, but I applaud your bravery and artistic eye for capturing them in such a non traditional and non objective way. The bullets are indeed pretty. I at first thought that they were some sort of new age lipstick!

  3. love some fire power! and they are by far the prettiest bullets I have ever seen...

  4. It's funny that you mention the "new age lipstick" Victoria. I thought the same thing.

    Wonderful picture - the first one. Love the arrangement, composition. Nice shot!