Saturday, February 21, 2009

ETSY PLUG - Par Amour Designs

I searched Etsy high and low for the perfect Valentine's Card for my husband - something graphic and clever and not mushy. I found just the right thing at Par Amour Designs. It said all I needed to say.

Par Amour's designs reference vintage illustrations, most often in black and white for a clean simplicity that I find refreshing.

Par Amour's cards all all letter pressed, which I think are just decadent. And if you are bothering to send a card to someone you care about, why not be decadent now and then?

The designer feels that greetings cards are more than text and image on a small piece of paper, that they capture a dialogue between the card giver and the receiver. I think in our fast-paced life, this is such an important thing to make time for. We all know the feeling when we open the mailbox and find a card from someone we love. When it is a surprise, it is even better. Par Amour has many cards for holidays, but the cards that aren't for a special occasion are really my favorites. You don't need a special occasion to let your friends and family know you are thinking of them.

I particularly love the "Sweet Home" card for the story the designer shares. Though she now lives in New Your City, she was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey and her entire family still lives there. She visits her family twice a year, and says that she feels "like a bird going back to its nest." I feel the same when when I go home to South Carolina.


  1. Very very nice. I will have to check these out.

    When I get back to Wyoming I defiantly feel like I am coming home to the nest. A wind blown nest......

  2. Great designs, and I agree, that Valentine card is perfection. Alas, I waited to long in my card search, and at the last minute looked for one in the stores to give my hubby. Each and everyone nauseated me, and I left empty handed.
    Bad wife!

  3. Oh Victoria B, I am so sorry I have been away and not seen your blog for a fortnight or two. It is as always lovely.