Saturday, February 28, 2009

ETSY PLUG - The Pat-a-Cake Baby

Babies seem to come in batches. At least for my friends. I went through one buying spree last year for some friends and relatives who were having children, and I found what I thought was the most brilliant idea - the pacifier bib - at The Pat-a-Cake Baby. I don't know much about babies, but I have noticed they drop their pacifiers in some of the dirtiest places, leaving mom to either wipe it off or carry a spare. With this bib, you kid will never lose one again! And your dog won't run away with it, either.

The Pat-a-Cake Baby also makes regular bibs that are as cute as a button.

Another smart product The Pat-a-Cake Baby makes is the Diaper Diddy. It is a changing pad that folds up into a clutch that has a pocket for a diaper. This is perfect for when you are out and about.

I'm in love with thier adorable onesies, too. The fabric appliques are just too cute. As for baby batch number two - due to arrive March through June - I think I know where I'm going to shop.

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