Monday, February 2, 2009

Pittsburgh - City of Champions!

Not to gloat, but you may have heard, the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl!!!
When I arrived in Pittsburgh, I did not follow pro football. I thought it was a too-hyped world of posers and egomaniacs who played for money, not the love of the sport. I learned in Pittsburgh that my preconceived notions only applied to a very small percentage of players. Everything good about football is magnified in Pittsburgh - the quality of people playing, the sense of team and family, and the cohesiveness that cheering for a team can bring to a city of people. EVERYONE there is a fan. I've never been to a town that was more united in a team, and the Steelers are a team the city can be proud of. Not just because they are winners (you may have heard) but because they are a team of genuinely great folks, who love their fans, not just so they can be famous, but because they know the fans enable them to have what they consider the greatest job in the world.
In celebration, I've got a week's worth of Pittsburgh images for you that didn't fit in my recent collection, but that I love nonetheless.


  1. I don't follow football myself, but congratulations to you and the Steelers! I imagine the shared excitement and camaraderie is very heart warming!

  2. Thank you for your warm sympathy =)

  3. Great description of what football means to Pittsburgh! I'm so glad you still love them!