Thursday, March 12, 2009

Early Signs of Spring

Yesterday I saw the first signs of spring in these little plants pushing through the ground. This is my first winter in our new home, and I'm excited to see what these will become. This is all a month early for Wyoming, no doubt due to a record warm week in the 60s. Of course it has snowed again this week and I hope that doesn't kill all the new growth I've seen. It would be so nice for winter to go ahead and make an early exit this year.

P.S. - The blue in the first picture is one of our kayaks, resting on the ground against the garage.


  1. It look so fresh and feels like it too! I like the blue background, it contrast nicely with the subject. Maybe more of the blue background would look greater =)

  2. your detailed shots are so clever...i love them! so excited for your new store too!

  3. Oh man, Victoria, I feel cold now. I like these photos.