Saturday, March 14, 2009

ETSY PLUG - Lena Brown Designs

Do you ever find something so useful, so brilliant, so great, that you buy one for everybody you know? Well that is how I felt when I saw Lena Brown Designs' knitting needle case. It is a simple, elegant solution to the tangled mess that is my knitting storage. Never again will I only find one needle of a certain size. Never again will they slip down to the bottom of the bag or drawer.

I was delighted to find that, in person, these cases are very well made, with neat stitching that looks like it would even survive an attack from my dogs. They come in so many colors and patterns you are sure to find one you like.


  1. Oh wow. I'm a fairweather knitter, but this makes me wanna break out my needles 'n' yarn and get all organized and transportable. Great design and just gorgeous fabrics! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. OH my gosh, they're all so pretty loaded up in that case. I love that image!

  3. I appreciate the design and color of these pieces.