Monday, March 9, 2009

"Thought Circles" Paintings

I've been doing some painting lately. These are my "Thought Circles" paintings, named so because that's what I imagine my thoughts look like, rolling around in my head - all tangled and overlapping and crowding each other out. The aqua and red was the first one, and I liked it so much I did another, and then another, and before long I had ten completed. I had such a great time exploring color combinations, and the 5X7 size really suited me.

If you'd like to see more images, check them out at my Web site. I'm happy to report that it is nearly done with its overhaul.


  1. just found your blog....

    your "thought circles" paintings are really nice and i love the macro's of "death of a tulip". i'm a huge macro fan myself...

    feel free to visit/comment on my photography and graphics & design blog.

    keep up the great work!

  2. oh these are so yummy! great color, great series...very Pop!

  3. I love these. They're so colorful and unique. They sort of remind me of the rings left by coffee/teacups (which I find incredibly fascinating for whatever reason.)

  4. These are wonderful! Love the color combinations, and the pattern from the overlapping circles. They look so great all lined up together!

  5. Hi,
    I cannot tell you what or why,but these thought circles of yours really do make me ponder and wonder about everyday life. The work is visually quite nice and the chroma's are delightful.

  6. those are just soooo really cool, Victoria! They inspire me. I might have to try something like it when I get a chance.
    Two things, by the way:
    a) did you notice I'm already in 2009. It has taken a couple of days to get here. maybe in a few weeks, I'll be all caught up. Your pictures and prose are really interesting. Thanks for the blog.
    b) Didja know that my little sister's name is Victoria?

  7. These were really easy to do - just grab something with a round edge - I think I used a spice bottle here - and go to town!

    Loralee, you are a fast reader! And tell your sister that she has a beautiful name :)