Saturday, April 11, 2009

ETSY PLUG - The Modern Pet

I don't normally feature sellers I have not purchased something from, but I thought today I could make an exception for The Modern Pet. I was lucky enough to win one of these cool Eco Bone toys from their blog and Little Bear (as you can see) loved it. Both the stuffing and the fabric are made from recycled soda bottles which I thought was so neat. They were soft and furry like you might expect from any toy. And they are made in Montana, my lovely neighbor to the north.

The Modern Pet has two sites, an Etsy store and a separate Web store. In the Etsy store, you will find products handcrafted by The Modern Pet in northern California that match the modern ethos of an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. In the separate Web store, you will find these same products and some that come from other eco-friendly small businesses. As they say on their site, "No mega-corporations, no unpronounceable ingredients, no petrochemical additives or toxins... we pride ourselves on being small-scale, handmade, organic, wild, grass-fed, biodegradable, and of course... oh-so-stylish."

Speaking of stylish, I have been wanting one of these hemp leashes for a while. I find a typical leash cuts my hand when my big dog pulls me around the block, and these hand dyed & hand printed hemp leashes are promised to "break in wonderfully, softening with age like a favorite pair of jeans." My poor calloused hands think that sounds heavenly.

Just as pretty are the leashes handmade with gorgeous jacquard ribbon, backed with durable 100% cotton webbing. They come in a variety of colors and patterns that are really too cute.
Of course you can buy a matching hemp collar or ribbon collar. I am particularly fond of the "Cabana Stripe" collars. They sound and look tropical, which makes me smile.

The Modern Pet also sells an assortment of organic grooming products, which you can purchase individually or in this cute basket. Wouldn't this be perfect for a friend who is welcoming a new furry friend into their home?

Don't tell Little Bear I told you this, but The Modern Pet also has products for cats.


  1. Awww, I miss that game table in the background.

  2. Great post, Victoria. they have some really great styles and designs. IO have three cats and so will certainly be checking in on their store.