Saturday, May 2, 2009

ETSY PLUG - Emplorium 51

I'm not sure what about this beautiful, simple work by Emporium 51 caught my fancy, but I found after I hearted it on Etsy, I couldn't stop thinking about it. 'Postclouds' was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to hang in my studio, on my makeshift clothesline art display. I think I feel an emptiness when I look at this image, and I don't mean the sad sort. I mean like how you feel in a zen moment, when you are not thinking about anything at all, really. My head just clears when I look at this beautiful little gem of a photograph. I must confess, though, now that I have it as an ACEO, I want a large version!

I also adore this fabulous image, 'The Sky Is Falling,' from Emporium 51's Etsy store. I don't know if the artist happened upon this exact scene, or if she created this with digital alterations, but I find I don't even care. It's just perfect.

Emporium 51's ballerina images remind me of when I was very young, taking lessons. Though I'm sure my toes never looked that straight.

'Sarah's Collection' are black and white works that remind me a bit of scenes from the move Marie Antoinette. I love the mysterious girl in the ballgown and mask, caught in various moments of what must have been a mischievous evening of fun.

And of course, now that I live in Wyo, I must mention 'Cowboy.' He's got a great 'stach.

I think the Bartholomew B. Wilder images debuted around Easter. Aren't they just delightful?
And do check out Emporium 51's blog to see her newest work.


  1. These are great finds and simple and effective images.
    I also love the clouds postcards. Something refreshing and simply satisfying about them. I find that i can stare up at the sky and marvel at the soft texture and appeal of the clouds against a soft blue sky and for me the cards create that simple delight.
    The Sky is falling is also a wonderful shot.

  2. Wow, terrific intro/feature. These are ethereal, lush, dream-like... Wonderful shots and very plug-worthy :)

  3. I love both of the cloud pictures. Beautiful. I think I have photographed the sky and the clouds more then any other subject, outside of my kids. Can never get enough sky.