Saturday, May 23, 2009

ETSY PLUG - Geninne

I can't remember what prints I saw on another blog that introduced me to the wonderful artist Geninne, but they made me instantly fall in love with her work. The pieces were surely from her collection of birds, all so very pretty and intricate. When I saw this one, I knew I would have to get it for my sister for her new home. She loves music, and purple and blue, and it said her name to me.
Deciding on one for myself was so very difficult, but I arrived at this beautiful yellow bird. I love him and the coral reminds me of the ocean, which I miss. He is perched on my bedside table and I smile every time I see him.

I was pretty sure that I would get this one for my other sister, but again, Geninne has so many beautiful birds, it was had to settle on a single one. So I asked my sister to choose one, and this is what she picked - the very same one that I thought I should have picked. That's cool sister brain waves for you.

I love Geninne's birds because so many of them evoke a feeling for me. The Southwest birds make me think of my parents because they lived in Arizona until shortly before I was born. I love the ship, too, with the octopus on the postcard reminding me of what terrors and wonders so many beheld at sea before we scientifically understood them. The whimsy in Geninne's prints makes me smile, like the scarf on the snowy owl, and the bird behind the sewing machine.

Let me show you more of Geninne's work, lest you think it is all birds. I can't stop looking at these terrarium prints - I think it's because of what you can see below the surface. That's the beauty in all of Geninne's work - her imagination is always showing you more than you would expect.

There is something so pleasing about the 'Pile o Wood' print. I'm very into circles these days and this print really captures their orderly and organic spirit.

In addition to the lovely watercolors, Geninne carves and prints her own stamps. You can watch a video of her carving and it really is so skillful that I am in awe. What she does with paint and brush she can do with carving tools and ink. I love that even with a different media, you could look at these and know they are from Geninne.

Geninne's blog is one that I follow carefully, as you can feel her aesthetic in every post, whether it be photos from her oh so tidy studio or images of unexpected new work or inspiring photos of her beautiful home near Mexico City. I love peeking into what seems to be such a pristine and happy world. Go see it for yourself!


  1. I love Geninne's work (and blog) as well. Great feature! I could look at that terrarium print all day.

  2. How wonderful her work is! I might have to have the bird behind the sewing machine for myself.

  3. beautiful! I love the butterfly on the jar lid, and her stamps are so lovely. thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes, thanks for sharing V, a new Geninne fan is born!