Monday, July 27, 2009

To and Fro

It's hard to believe I didn't even get a chance to finish sharing my South Carolina pictures with you before my annual camping adventure with grandpa. Now I have to tell you that I'll be leaving for my California trip a few days early - tomorrow - in order to drive back across with grandpa. It seemed silly to fly out a few days later for his 80th birthday when I could keep him company for the two-day drive back to Santa Rosa. Alas, grandpa's house is an Internet-free house, so, dear readers, all you will get for a while is a taste of the Wyoming wilderness.

I'll make a quick account, however. This year's trip was to be a fishing trip, even though we don't know much about fishing here in Wyoming. We decided to explore a few places, and saw fish everywhere we went. However, our tally was quite sad: Grandpa, 1 and Brian, 1. The trout were having none of out bait - and we tried quite a few different things. But, as always, we had fun. The first night we camped about 45 minutes from home in a hidden-away little spot. We moved on the next day to the Snowy Range, which is only about two hours from our house and which we will definitely return to. At 10,000 feet, the scenery was amazing and the air cool and refreshing. Even at this late in July, the campground had only been clear of snow for a week. We snapped up the last open campsite which overlooked two lakes. It was really perfectly situated for our purposes. And amazingly beautiful.


  1. I think Bri need a chair and a half!
    Love, Mom

  2. That picture is gorgeous! I never knew that actually catching fish was the goal of fishing. :) I thought it was just an excuse to hang out outside and drink some beers!

  3. looks fun! i love camping and the outdoors...