Saturday, July 4, 2009

ETSY PLUG - Stiksel

A couple of months ago, Stiksel's beautiful tea towels were everywhere you looked on Etsy. And for good reason - they are really cool functional items of art.

A graphic designer friend of mine was getting married and I thought she (and her graphic designer husband) would think this was as cool as I did. When it came in the mail it was even more beautiful in person and I almost kept it for myself...

But I didn't. Because Stiksel has several of these in her shop, and though I love the black and red, they come in other colors, too, like this avocado one.

Stiksel also offers this cool design on shirts, and incorporated into other works of art, like the old-fashioned handmade dolls below.

You'll find an eclectic assortment of items in Stiksel's shop. I love this passport case, made of canvas and sandwiched between protective plastic.

These fabric fishes are so fun. The are screen printed on the front and are linen on the back.

And aren't these crocheted coasters really lovely? I love them in this charcoal color - they look modern and graphic and less fussy than traditional white ones.

Check out Stiksel's blog for new products and interesting photos and tidbits from the Netherlands.


  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing, I will be sure to check out this shop!