Wednesday, July 1, 2009


After we saw Jon graduate from medical school, Bri and I loaded up in the van with his folks to drive back to Virginia Beach. Our route took us through the Blue Ridge Mountains, and along the way we saw signs for lots of roadside attractions. We had the whole day, so we stopped at a few. My favorite was Foamhenge, a full-size replica of Stonehenge, but - you guessed it - made out of foam. I couldn't stop laughing at the idea, but when we saw it in person, it actually looked pretty cool.
And of course you have to take funny family photos at roadside attractions.


  1. Pretty damn cool... I actually thought it was Stonehenge at first, (and I've been there!)

  2. That is hilarious...I'll have to go there. I love the way you take everyday photographs and put them on your blog as well, I need to start doing that more. You always inspire me in one way or another :).