Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Wyoming Adventure

Yesterday I joined my husband in driving around the backroads, looking for public parcels of land that he could hunt on, with an eye out for the deer and elk. It started to drizzle and this rainbow appeared. We drove in the direction of its source, and just when it looked like we might find it, the entire rainbow shifted about 30 degrees and was pointing straight into the mountain. We didn't find a pot of gold, but we did later find a buck that was on public land, where Bri had a tag, who stood right there as we parked the truck. Bri ended up getting him, and so I was along for my first deer hunt. Stalking him was exciting and he was a majestic thing to behold when we found him in a stand of aspens. Hunting, however, is not my thing (I teared up a bit when we found him) and I have always known that. But I was glad to witness my husband get his first deer with a bow and thankful for the meat the deer was going to provide us with. It continued to be an adventure of a day, as we spotted hundreds of elk grazing when we drove out at dusk. I've never seen elk, in a huge herd like that, outside of the Yellowstone/Teton area. It was simply amazing (but too dark for photos). Then a tire blew when we were getting close to the highway. That was not amazing, but the speed at which my husband changed it out was. All in all it was an adventure of a day, but then again this is Wyoming, and I really shouldn't expect any less.

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