Saturday, September 19, 2009

ETSY PLUG - Matte Stephens

One of the first artists I took note of when I began to browse Etsy was Matte Stephens. His whimsical work really caught my fancy, and I knew right away I had to have this print, The Giant Suburban Bear Monster." It triggers all sorts of pleasant childhood feelings, conjuring memories of car trips and readings of "Where the Wild Things Are."

I love the midcentury modern feel that Matte's work has. All of his work has sort of a groovy, upbeat vibe that makes it a pleasure to experience, like this one, titled "Dancing."
The people in his paintings live the sort of idyllic life you'd find in a storybook - whether it be reading in the park on a beautiful afternoon or taking the streetcar in New Orleans.
The animals frequently pictured in Matte's paintings are also living a pleasant existence, like The Duke of NY who enjoys bike rides and a good pipe.
The "Rooster School Bus" is another one of those child-like ideas that you can almost remember having, which Matte has painted. In addition to his prints, he has made a few of them into felt sculptures, which are for sale in his Etsy store.


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