Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today I want to share with you one of my favorite shops on Etsy.  RikRak carved quite a niche by creating stylish bibs out of vintage fabrics, which I fell in love with.  I think these are the perfect gift for someone you maybe don't know so well, but to whom you'd like to give a small baby gift that will be unique.  I've bought three bibs from RikRak for that purpose.  As for that yellow and aqua one, well, it's the colors I imagine for my yet-to-be-concieved child's room, and decided that I HAD to have it.  You know, for if/when that eventually becomes a reality.

These bibs are even more beautiful in person - almost to pretty to use - and are very well made.

About the only other thing I remember seeing in RikRak's shop were these adorable wallets and clutches.  But checking back in today, I am impressed with the variety of items made with the same vintage fabrics and lovely handmade feel.

There is this asymetrical bag that could be used as a purse or a tote.  It has sort of a Jetsons' vibe, don't you think?

These sweet quilted coasters look like something I remember my grandmother making with her sewing machine as I looked on, mesmerized. 

But these felt pendants are so very modern.  I think that's what I really like about RikRak's products.  They bring together nostalgic memories of the ladies in my family sewing with clean, modern design for a look that is both homemade and polished.  I guess, for me, RikRak sums up why I love the handmade movement so much - not only is creating things by hand practical, creative and nostalgic, in this day and age, it's actually preferable to buying the same sort of things that have been mass-produced, somewhere far, far away.

This has the makings of a short sidebar, so forgive me.  My wonderful mother made a lot of my clothes when I was younger.  I thought this was all very cool, as I got to choose fabric and styles and thought that was normal, until I changed schools in eighth grade and was teased by one cruel girl.  While it only took me a few years to think handmade clothes were cool again, (thanks in part to a compliment from one of my favorite musicians about a sundress I had just made with Mom's help), I can't help but smile now when I think that for cruel girl to still be cool, she's had to embrace the handmade movement to get the custom items that are trendy today.

Sorry for the tangent, but there are so many reasons why handmade items are meaningful.

RikRak also has several seasonal items in stock, such as these bat iron-ons.

I adore these felt Christmas items, as they remind me of the stockings my mother made for me (with felt and rikrak and cheerful trim) and a set of felt animal ornaments my grandmother made which I treasure.  I LOVE the midcentury modern vibe that RikRak's stockings and ornaments have.  They are sure to  make your hoildays hip.

And, just so you know, everything in RikRak's shop is 15% off until Sunday night.  If you manage to miss the sale, then do check out RikRak's blog where you can see new products and be advised of giveaways.



  1. Lovely work! Thanks for the link I will check it out!

  2. very cool indeed....and HANDMADE RULES!!!!!!!!

    ps..this makes me want to break out the old sewer and the mountain of fabric i can't seem to part with...
    thanks for the inspiration

  3. Those are beautiful!