Saturday, October 17, 2009

ETSY PLUG: Tweedy Lane

I love purses and handbags the way some women love shoes.  The perfect bag - even if it is perfect for only one purpose or outfit - is always calling my name.  Tweedy Lane's gorgeous red sari clutch was practically yelling at me to be purchased earlier this year, and I obeyed.  I don't go to many fancy places or get dressed up very often, so I just used it for the first time last week when we got all gussied up to see Wicked.  It was perfect for my tickets, ID, credit card and lipstick.  This is the first clutch I have ever owned, since, as a forgetful person, I assumed without a purse draping over my shoulder I'd misplace it.  But I was so enamored with this exotic beauty that all night I never let it go.

Tweedy Lane offers a few different styles of purse in a variety of sari fabrics.  This one in brown autumn leaves looks like the perfect thing for the current season.  It's so rich, but beacause it's neutral you could really use it a lot.

I love the shape of this bag.  The squares in the fabric are repeated by the rectangular cut and handles and it just looks so smart. 

There are many pretty little pouches at Tweedy Lane, too, perfect for containing makeup within a larger handbag or backpack.

These travel bags for shoes are the perfect thing to keep your suitcase organized and clean, and at $5.75, they are priced just right.

Those beautiful sari fabrics also appear as one-of-a-kind pillows...

...and as pretty little magnets.

One of my favorite things in Tweedy Lane's shop are is the miniature purses that are just the right size to stow a gift card or jewelery.  What a unique way to present a gift!


  1. Very lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sari fabric is so gorgeous - I like that she's used it for a number of things.