Saturday, October 3, 2009

ETSY PLUG - YumiYumi

A while back my niece got braces put on, and I remembered how painful that can be.  I wanted to get her a little something, just to let her know I was thinking about her, and I thought YumiYumi's little owl prints were perfect.  I sent her the "Spring" print, with the pink leaves, but they are available in different color schemes for all four seasons. 

There are lots of cute, sweet prints in YumiYumi's shop, but there are also lots of beautiful, catch-your-breath works, too, like "Blue Icicles."  I love that the birds look very realistic, but they are perched in gorgeous fantasy world.

There is a lot of bird imagery to choose from, be it loose rainbow-colored pen and ink and watercolor or more straightforward in single color.

Artist Aline Yamada also renders the human form in a beautiful way, like how you might fondly remember someone you love, in a sort of dream-like splendor.

This print, "I Can Count to Eight," was inspired by the artist's young son who is learning to count.  Isn't it sweet?  Yamada keeps a blog if you'd like to have a peek into her life.  She takes really lovely, good-for-the-soul photographs that will make you remember to stop and take in this wonderful life.


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