Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Summer Memories

It's snowing outside today so I was sitting here thinking about the summer that just flew by.  Honestly, it was just weeks ago that it was green and sunnny.  But I digress.  I realized I hadn't shared photos from our camping trips, so I thought I would. 

Grandpa drove out from California for some fishing, so we decided to try a few places we had never been.  This pretty little spot is just 45 minutes from our house, with a gorgeous campsite and nearby fishing hole.  And it seemed to me to be a bear-free environment.  When you see photos of the next place we camped, in the mountains, you'll understand.  It's nice here, but it's LUSH there. 

The best part about this trip was seeing the dogs so excited.  Happy was in heaven running through the little stream.  I think the best way to describe it would be unbridled extacy.  She loves the water and had so much fun just charging down the stream to the end of the long lead.  I'd love to let her loose to explore, but I know that she would never come back.  So, perhaps it's fair to say that extacy was bridled, by me, but in my defense I did run behind her so she could explore as far as she wanted.

Little Bear actually put her feet in the water so she could go smell around the rocks, and I was surprised.  She's not much for the water.  The Bear is much more dependent on people than Happy is, so we let her off the leash and she also was so joyful too, bounding through the tall grass.  I wish I had gotten a photo of that, but all you could see was the top of the grass moving, and then she'd pop out into the campsite, look at you, and go back in.  It makes my heart smile to just think of it.

I was so enamored with the beautiful tall grasses that I went back a month later in the morning to photograph them.  Some stupid campers had moved all the rocks in the stream, however, so you had to walk like you were on a tightrope to get across rather than just hopping on one in the middle and then hopping to the opposite shore.  That's where I fell and pulled my hamstring, which is still not all the way healed up I'd like to add.  Oh well, I think I will still think of this place fondly, since we had so much fun there.  And you better believe I'll be back next year to move those rocks right back where they should be.


  1. This looks great, Victoria!I did not know your dogs name was Happy. I had a dog named Happy too. He was a mutt i found on the street when i was about 12. I gave him a piece of left over steak we had and he would not leave my side. i begged my parents to let him stay in for the night, and well the rest is history.
    I love that spot in the first photo, the little pond between the trees. Very cool.
    Glad Happy was Happy!

  2. Looks like it was an awesome time! I really want to get a big(ger) dog - my little shit-zu Bogey loves the water - but he is an indoor dog and I can't take him into the mountains as much as I would like.

    You have 2 very beautiful dogs. They look like a handful!

  3. Looks like a beautiful place Victoria! I just can't get past the fact that you said it was snowing. Wow. I wish we'd get snow.