Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So I metioned a few days ago that last week I went down to Denver to see Wicked the Musical with some friends (which was SO very good).  It happens that my friends, Michael and Barbara, are very much cat people and I am very much not.  But they have one cat that I can't help but think is the most beautiful cat in the world, Wesley.  He is silky grey and such a very nice kitty.  I even threatned to steal him (though, I'd like to report, I did no such thing).


  1. Wesley IS beautiful and I already know whom he will marry - my cat, Elizabeth. I will send you my shot of her (in Etsy convo)...ox AJ

  2. Wesley is beautiful.
    victoria, I never would have believed just a few years back that i would have three cats. I despised them from past experiences with girlfriends and their cats attacking me. . .
    Now i have three, one aised from just a few hours old and bottle fed who i think of practically like a son.
    Love em.
    Great post, and i like your new banner a lot.

  3. I'll be sure to share your nice comments with Wesley's mommy :)

  4. He is beautiful! I see by glancing through your blog, you do have an for beauty!

  5. What?! I'm shocked! I thought Moxie was your favorite cat in the world? :)